We at Omeir Travel Agency want to ensure that your travel is always free of hassles and stresses. Keeping this perspective in view the visa department was established for simplifying the application processes and procedures. Also being the pioneers of the Travel Industry in the UAE and with over 67 years of experience, it has given us an umbrella of valuable knowledge in understanding the dynamics of global travel.

Visa Services – Inbound & Outbound – manned by Professional Visa Consultants who will provide expert advises; organize visa application procedures and their submission as well where biometrics and interviews of the applicants are not called for. Omeir Travel Agency is also the Exclusive Visa Processing Agent for Singapore Embassy in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

We undertake processing and submission of outbound visas for almost all countries and assist in organizing and applying for inbound visas to the UAE. On average, we facilitate around 7000 visas per year.