Omeir is a one stop travel solutions provider which aims to continuously grow across borders, in products and services, and always putting the customer’s delight at first place.


We provide travel related solutions to individual & corporate customers.


  • Excellence in service delivery by understanding the needs of the customers and ensuring we have the right people on board.
  • We shall show we are reliable by being consistent in delivering what we promise. By being knowledgeable about our products, services and the travel industry.
  • We will be passionate about serving our customers by having positive attitude, being enthusiastic and going the extra mile.
  • We will lead by example by walking the talk and being the reference point for behavior and attitude.
  • We will demonstrate our accountability by doing the best we can to meet commitments. Speaking up and being open and transparent when we no longer believe we can meet the agreed commitments, looking for solutions, rather than for excuses. Taking ownership of our shortcomings.
  • We will showcase our empathy by exercising active listening so that we can summarize the client’s needs in our own words, acknowledging the clients emotional status, providing the customer with context about why things are happening the way they are happening.
  • We will show our integrity by following the law, both local and of the travel industry. Following the organization’s policies and processes acting upon the values of the organization.