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Travel and entertainment costs are often a company’s largest controllable expense. Effectively managing corporate travel makes for quick and dramatic reductions to any company’s bottom line. We know how much time and money goes into planning a trip, and we also know how important it is to spend those resources wisely. That’s why we set up our exclusive department and dedicated team for providing customized service to our customers.

Corporate Sales Department

Our Corporate Sales Department caters exclusively to the specialized needs of companies and other establishments in the private & government sectors. Being a corporate client with us means a lot of advantages. Services are offered at an exceptionally excellent value. Each company will be provided with a dedicated Account manager , who will take care of all the travel requirements and queries of their employees. In addition to personalized attention and assistance in organizing travel plans, it ensures travel options and cost saving solutions. Enabled by well-established worldwide network and dedicated, experienced personnel, Omeir Travel Agency accomplishes this task with flawless accuracy to the utmost satisfaction of the clients.

We know how important it is for you to get your employees to their destinations on time, so we make sure we’re always available to answer questions before or after you book your tickets. Our team of experts can also help you plan custom itineraries for your business trips or leisure travels, so you don’t miss anything!

Government Travel

Government Travel is a highly successful service concept tailor-made for Ministries and Government entities. Special service teams are assigned to anticipate, understand and meet the travel requirements of various departments. It is a challenging task, considering the critical and high-profile travel schedules of Government missions and official trips. Enabled by well-established worldwide network and dedicated, experienced personnel, Omeir Travel Agency accomplishes this task with flawless accuracy to the utmost satisfaction of the clients.

The Government Travel Division at Omeir Travel Agency has been established with the aim of providing world class services to government agencies in the field of official and unofficial travel. The division has been set up with a team of experienced professionals who have expertise in handling all types of government travel arrangements including VIP protocol matters.

We have been providing services for government entities since 1957. As part of our commitment to excellence in customer service, we are always looking for ways to improve our offerings and make sure that our clients are getting exactly what they need at all times.

Implant Offices

At Omeir Travel Agency, we know that your business is unique. That’s why we offer a personalized service that can be tailored to your needs.

With Omeir Travel Agency offices on-site at your company, you can have all of your travel needs met in one convenient location. This provides clients with the ability to book their travel arrangements and get real-time assistance from our agents.

Our offices are also equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to provide you with the best service possible. We understand that every business has different needs, so we tailor our services to meet yours!

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Group Travel or Missions

Group Travel Management is a specialized service that we offer to our clients. We have a team of Group Travel Specialists who can help you plan and manage your group travel needs.

The Group Travel Specialist will help you find the best deals for airlines, hotels, vehicles and other travel management utilities. They will also provide you with unique package descriptions and links to business relationships with professional destination management companies. You will be able to get visa information details from them as well. They are experienced in dealing with groups across the globe, so they understand the diverse reasons behind group travel. With our resources, experience, and negotiating power we can provide competitive and hassle-free travel for groups of any size. In addition to this we can also provide itinerary management, generate reports and graphs that will help with predictability of travel budgeting and analytics, event management, transportation management and travel risk management.

From hotels to shipping companies, from airlines to rental cars, from restaurants to guided tours, we have access to all major suppliers who offer competitive rates and superior customer service.

With Omeir Travel Agency at the helm of your business travel, you will experience a guaranteed framework of optimized, sustainable and affordable trips.

We offer a wide range of services to ensure your business trips are efficient and productive. From pre-trip planning to booking flights, hotels and car rental services, we make it easy for you to focus on your work rather than on logistics. Our team is dedicated to making sure that each trip is successful in every way possible.

Air Tickets

The years of the experience with the travel industry has forged into strong relationships with airlines worldwide. It helps us provide the best deals and discounts to our customers. No matter how complex the travel route, we have got you covered.

We have incorporated our 67+ years of experience into creating an online booking portal with your travel needs in mind. Booking flights at brings with it a whole lot of benefits. You will experience easy and hassle free booking process with a wide range of airlines to browse and choose from. The platform will allow you to compare fares and also provide best deals on them. Furthermore our 24/7 call centre is available to help you should the need arise.

Whether its 600 511 11 or an Omeir Travel Agency office or even, you will be at your destination hassle free and relaxed.


We arrange wide variety of hotel accommodations worldwide catered to your requirements and needs.

Being in market for a long time has enabled us to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions to Accommodation challenges that you could face when you travel.We work with various suppliers worldwide to provide competitive rates, creative discounts, innovative solutions and competitive selections of relevant hotels.With the deals and business relationships we possess with our hotel partners, we can offer you more savings and bring your travel experience to a whole new level.

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