Health, Safety & Environment Reward

Omeir Travel Agency is committed to protect the Health, Safety & Environment of its employees, visitors and the community.

We are operating our facilities in an environmentally sound and safe manner consistent with our corporate standards and applicable regulations. We recognize that by demonstrating leadership in health, safety and environmental management and by integrating HSE practices into all aspects of our operations, we can conserve resources, reduce hazards and risks, and support our strategy for excellence and growth.

Omeir Travel Agency???s Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Reward is also a part of the same commitment to protect and improve HSE of our stake holders and is awarded to employees who make an outstanding contribution in improving the HSE performance. It recognizes and rewards exceptional HSE performance improvement from among our employees.

Mr. Abubaker Driver- ADCO was rewarded for the period July & August 2012. He was awarded by Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Al Obaidli (Team Leader Travel & Documentation ??? ADCO), accompanied by Mr. Chafiq Ali Kaddoura (Travel Coordinator ??? ADCO), Mr. Syed Javed Akbar (Director General Services ??? OTA) and Mr. Muhammad Talha Tariq (HSE Officer ??? OTA) in a graceful ceremony at ADCO Head Office.

The second reward was given to Mr. Abdul Karim (Driver ??? ADMA-OPCO) by Mr. Huleiman Mubarak Al Hamli (Manager General Services ??? ADMA-OPCO) accompanied by other senior members of ADMA-OPCO???s Travel Section and OTA???s General Services Department. The presentation was followed by delicious snacks and drinks for all, with the courtesy of ADMA-OPCO???s Travel Section in order to appreciate and motivate OTA Team.