“There is a set of indisputable reasons behind our success. Behind the decision of thousands of our clients to enjoy our services, again and again.”

SINCE 1956. Years of knowledge and experience. Industry leader that inspires.

EVER EXPANDING. Ambitious expansion plans unfolding in the rapidly expanding Dubai and beyond.

FORMIDABLE WORK FORCE. 500 + knowledgeable, trained and enthusiastic staff. The tendons of our service.

24 HOUR CALL CENTRE. Providing round the clock access to accurate information. An exemplary achievement by all measure.

TECHNOLOGY ENABLED. Keen on using technological advances to make travel truly easy for clients.

FUTURISTIC SERVICES. Constantly venturing into new ideas and techniques in order to make traveling as easy and affordable as possible.

ADVANCED TRAINING. A center providing IATA courses, GDS training and more. Constantly updating to remain and provide best of breed.